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Center for Turkmenistan Studies, Lanzhou University

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About Us

Based on China Chu-Tian Center for Turkmenistan Studies (2014), Center for Turkmenistan Studies, Lanzhou University was built in June 2019, which is initiated by the Professor Wang Sihai and funded by the Turkmenistan Research Project (13BGJ022).


Center for Turkmenistan Studies, Lanzhou University is a non-profit public research organization. Members of the research center team include teachers, graduate students, undergraduates, Turkmen culture lovers from different sectors of the society and so on.


Now Center for Turkmenistan Studies, Lanzhou University is funded by the the Turkmenistan History Project (19VJX059) of China Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation, and other projects of Lanzhou University Development Foundation.


The main goals of building this center are to popularize the knowledge on Turkmenistan national conditions, disseminate Turkmen culture, promote the brilliant achievements of the national construction of modern independent neutral Turkmenistan among the Chinese public, promote Sino-Turkmenistan friendly relations of cooperation, and develop the friendship between the two peoples.


Main Blocks of Our Site

This site consists of the following blocks:

Turkmenistan National Conditions;

Sino-Turkmenistan Communication;

Academic Forum;

Dynamic News about the Caspian Sea;

Chinese Salar;

News from Turkmenistan;

Turkmen in the World;

Travel around Turkmenistan;

Five Provinces of Turkmenistan;

Turkmenistan Present Life;

Chinese Media Focus;

Center Bulletin;

Sino-Turkmenistan Natural Gas Cooperation, etc.


The "News from Turkmenistan" block is the main part of our website, which contains the latest news compiled by ourselves, and all the news is from Turkmenistan. The news topics are focused on politics, economics, culture, science, technology, education, sports, energy, the environment, natural resources, ecology, etc.


As one platform for scientific exchanges between Turkmenistan and China, this site provides opportunities for the Chinese public to know about the Turkmenistan.


Our task is to publish information about Turkmenistan from different perspectives, and to familiarize the Chinese public with the latest development achievements in Turkmenistan objectively and fairly.


Welcome to the website of Center for Turkmenistan Studies, Lanzhou University. We except you to be with us to build a bridge of friendship for the Turkmen and Chinese peoples, and tell a new story about the relationship between Turkmenistan and China.


Contact Details

Tel: +86 13707190326 (Wang Sihai)

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